Intuitive Journaling Course Summary

An Intuitive Journaling Course offers an amazing tool that supports you to stay in alignment and feel more control over your life and your intuitive abilities. It supports you to deepen your body and soul connection. This intuitive art taps into your sub-conscious and connects with your intuitive guidance to take your life into your own hands and bring your divine path to life. Journaling is a way for you to tap into your flow energy and get out of the clutter of your mind.

This course is designed for you to gain a better understanding that develops your spiritual and intuitive practice. Gain a more in-depth understanding of who you are and where you are at through a deep connection that takes your well being into your own hands connecting you with your divine self and the universe.

What you will learn in an intuitive journaling course with Eiran.

  • Establish a connection with yourself to access your flow and writing connections with your guides
  • Embody your flow energy to tap into your intuitive insights and become more in-tune with your spirituality
  • Techniques and an understanding of how to allow the energy to speak through you in a way that feels safe and supported
  • Meditation techniques that enhance your experience and support your intuitive and journaling abilities
  • Information about yourself to ensure alignment with your true path and your connection with the divine

This is a 2 hour online course where Eiran is excited to take you on a journey to learn to use intuitive Journaling to enhance your life so you are Empowered and flourish.

Online Course Timing.

Saturday 6th March, 2021 @10.30am. COST: $75.00inc gst

If you can’t make this date the course is online via zoom and will be recorded and sent to you. You can watch it after or refer back to it at anytime.

About Eiran.

Eiran has been learning, using and teaching intuitive techniques for over 15 years. She is highly experienced in teaching others about spiritual and intuitive connection and emotional intelligence. Eiran is highly intuitive and loves teaching these techniques to enhance the lives of others.

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