Voxer Coaching Packages with Eiran!

For Intuitive changemakers who want to make the most of their day.

1:1 Voxer Days are an opportunity to get a Coach in your back pocket for an entire day of intensive support.

This is for you if?

Your Busy & time poor?

Need Guidance & ways to not over react?

Need Support but feel like you haven’t got time? 

Want Guidance in real time.

Want coaching support at your finger tips.

Want to practice your intutiive or manifesting skills in real time. 

Want to plan your next steps but want coaching to stay in alignment. 

You want to live your destiny 

Are you ready to be guided to a place you have only imagined?


What Makes Voxer Coaching so Amazing!

Voxer is a FREE walkie-talkie style app that allows us to send voice or text messages back and forth. Which means…

  • We can take time in between messages to process our responses
  • You can send me a message from literally anywhere
  • You can replay messages however much you want
  • You have the freedom & flexibility to implement something right away and come back later for feedback
  • You don’t have to block off 1-2 hours for an intensive sit-down session less brain-melt & easier to take on the new learnings
  • You can chat about issues as you work through your day or you can set a day to plan your next vision/intention for us to work through. Its your time to use and make the most of. 

  • And the list goes on…

Aligning with your Destiny.

I’m holistic in my approach, so my coaching includes work, leadership, love or manifesting your butt off so if you want to use your time wisely I am the coach for you. 

My coaching is dynamic, intuitive & relevant for anyone want to upskill their lives and who loves to do it while experiencing it in real time. 

I always have clients saying I was writing down questions to ask later but by the time they get to their session something else has cropped up. Well how would it be if you had access to me for a day, a week, a month or even a year?  

Me at your finger tips asking whatever you want to ask, challenging you to take bigger leaps, grounding you so you teach your destiny and live the life your soul desires! 

If you want to bring the fire to your manifestations, your dreams and your business and leadership! Let’s do this!!

Let’s get clear, it’s your destiny! 

Through Voxer Coaching you’ll get encouragement, feedback, accountability, intuitive guidance and tips that are specifically for you and your business, life, career. Send your questions as they come up and receive feedback and detailed response back.


Make your days count. Make your days soul-led.

Granted you may be used to sitting down for you 1-3 hour coaching session or therapies but imagine having that time back and your coaching spread out over the day, healing, energy up lift, intuitive guidance, clarity, learning & a chance to get really clear about how you want to live you life. 

Overcome belief or triggers real time! its the best, I will take you through processes as I would myself in real time!

Manifesting in real time, creating in real time, overcoming issues in real time. Wow image that!

Someone who has your back all day long! 


Frequently Asked Questions
What if we're in different time zones?

For your Voxer Program, I’m available 10 AM – 6 PM pm AEST. You’ll have an 8-hour window to chat with me everyday Tuesday – Saturday depending on what package you purchase, I recommend if you are on a different timezone we book two consecutive days or more to ensure we cross over well. 

What if I message you outside of coaching hours?

If you choose any package that is more that 1 day and message me outside of coaching hours, I’ll just respond back to you the next day during our chat window of time. If you book a day session with me, you can message me any time leading up to the coaching day and I’ll reply in our window of time.

However, if you need to message me after our coaching session(s) are over and the program is complete, you’ll need to email me. You can also book additional packages at any time.

Do you have a refund policy?

Any cancellations at least 24 hours prior to the commencement day will receive a refund minus 20% of the costs of your package.

If you wish to cancel your package after you begin coaching, all payments paid up until that date will not be refunded. If you are on a payment plan, your payments will cease if you cancel but no refund will be made for prior payments. 

Client Testimonials

Powerful, meaningful and transformative!

Connecting with Eiran and choosing her as my coach/mentor has been one of the best decisions I have taken. I will always be grateful for the spiritual wisdom that Eiran has imparted through the 10 sessions I completed. Through these sessions, I have given myself the permission to open up and grow in a loving way. With Eiran’s guidance I have become more and more aware of the hardwired beliefs I have held on to for years, she has helped me unpack these beliefs in a very safe and nurturing environment. I have been to conventional therapy sessions before however the work I have done with Eiran has by far been the most powerful, meaningful and transformative. Most importantly, I have learned to honour the gifts I have, my strengths, my creativity and I couldn’t have done it without her highly intuitive and energy-centric approach. Thank you Eiran, bowing down to the Guru in you 🙏 forever grateful.”

Lalita, Artist

I’ve said goodbye to stress

I used to be wound up and stressed all the time. Working with Eiran has really changed my life. She has guided and supported me through several life changing decisions and life is now much calmer and peaceful. She’s an amazing coach – inspiring, encouraging and motivating. I would highly recommend Eiran.

Sharon McGrath

A priceless investment

One of the best investments you can make, I’m so glad I met Eiran. She weaves both magic and practicality so beautifully into her sessions, I have learnt so much about myself and the world. Thank you Eiran.

Liana Quach

Truly life changing

Eiran has helped me change my life, my old patterns and helped me through tough situations. Eiran is highly skilled and talented – I recommend her! Go on and take that step… You won’t regret it!

Elicia Napoli

Place your hand on your heart, feel your feet on the ground & take a deep breath.