Wealth is always something we can have a better relationship with.

Using Quantum Energy To Change Your Situation is Smart Financing.

Are you ready to be a vibrational match for the wealth you desire? Join me to up grade your vibrational field with 9 channelled activations to boost your energy, clear your negative Shen Qi Jing (soul, heart & mind) & be the master of your own wealth.

Understanding the Energetics of Money will open doors you may never have considered.

If you want to match you the wealth vibration but In an a way that is aligned with your Soul & not the lower vibratio ego power, in a way the fulfills you as well. Join the Wealth portal Quantum exchnge today! You have been called here!

This Wealth Portal has opened and is aligned with you & your wealth dreams. It doesn’t matter were you are in your wealth journey you can start now & always up grade your energy.


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For 9 weeks.

Recorded Activations will be uploaded each Friday Evening. 



9 Channeled Wealth Activations to open up your wealth portals.


9 Wealth Portal Connections


9 Soul Wealth Blessings



Attracting the ‘right’ souls for your purpose.


Money Refocus


Activate Your Soul Money Portal


Bring the Fire – overcome what holds you back.


Share your Soul.


Wealth Quantum Leap


Wealth Quantum Discovery


Being Beyond Wealthy


Creating Future Portals Now


Payment Plan Also Available 6-fortnightly payments $333. Click Here.

If you want to feel Aligned with your Divine Right of Wealth & clear any Negative Energy that may be stoping you from this life or the next! Join The Wealth Portal Quantum Exchnage & take the leap you truly desire in your life! 

Tooba Soomro

Hi I’m Eiran Trethowan, Soul & Life Coach, If you are down here reading about me I am sure you have a connection to the divine & your soul already, I would say though that you are just not managing your path very well right now & need some help to get over some of those stubborn leaps to get a move on with your purpose & dreams.

I am passionate about everyone living their most amazing magnificent self by living their soul purpose and taking the lead from the divine to change this planet for the better.

Right now YOU are needed now more than ever to let your light shine so you can live with your intuition at its finest & change the world by bringing more positivity in the world & you can’t do that without the quantum upgrades required to do that! This takes a Divine Army & Connection to Source Energy that will transform You & YOur Business or Career, depending on where you are at.

I am so glad you made it here & when you feel deep in your heart and you hear that calling that you have either not really been listening to or its got that bad that you can’t not listen anymore. don’t worry I’ve been there.

Let Me Coach You with My Divine Heavenly teams & quantum galactic mind, that I can’t help but use!

Join me in the Wealth Portal to embrace the level of amazingness & magnificence you dream of!

We have been waiting for you so Let’s Get Started!

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