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Hi, I’m Eiran, founder of Open For Life. I am a Life & Career Coach who is passionate about helping you live a life in which you can truly thrive.

With over 20 years of experience I focus on all aspects of your life, taking a strategic & empowering approach for you to create change in yourself, your life, your career & your organisation.

I am particularly determined to help women overcome barriers, learn and know their worth and value, develop the intuition and mindfulness to create balance in both work and life, and live a life full of soul, empowerment and joy.

I work with individuals who are ready to leap into action and be held accountable for the career and life progression. My workshops are designed to teach the skills, create a safe environment to practice those skills and supply the tools you need to excel on a professional and personal level.

Together we can achieve change, balance, & confidence.

I look forward to speak to you very soon.

Eiran x

“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.”

– Brene Brown

Eiran’s Qualifications

  • Over 20 years of experience in corporate leadership & relationship dynamics
  • Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher
  • Trained Family, Systemic & Organisational Facilitator.
  • Trained Reiki Practitioner
  • State Sales Manager & Sales Leader across various advertising organisations
  • Holistic Counsellor, which takes a mind, body, spirit approach to your coaching. Including training in:
    • Childhood patterns & issues
    • Family & Relationship dynamics & issues
    • Grief, Anger & Anxiety issues
    • Effective Communication strategies & tools
    • Spiritual Guidance
    • The Work Of Byron Katie
    • Meditation & Mindfulness
    • Emotional Freedom Technique
    • Intention Oriented Coaching

Eiran loves to coach soul searching & self actualising clients

If you want to live and work in your zone of genius and manifest your most amazing life and lead with your heart and soul. A coach is a tool you need to utilise in order to reap the benefits, you must be willing to work towards your goal and be held accountable for inaction. If you tick the boxes, you’re ready to begin your coaching journey.


Are You:

  • Ready for a change
  • Willing to do the work on your self development
  • Open to overcoming limitations
  • Know you need something to change but unsure how to change it
  • Wanting to be inspired
  • Ready to take ownership of your life
    • Ready to transform your mind, body and soul
    • Wanting to create change in the world
    • Ready to lead and create
    • A secret manifestor or an open manifestor
    • Wanting better relationships
    • Wanting to learn better boundaries
    • Needing better communication skills
    • Wanting a better connection with yourself
    • A person who wants purpose and meaning in their life

Career & life coaching tips from Eiran.


Client Testimonials

I’ve said goodbye to stress

I used to be wound up and stressed all the time. Working with Eiran has really changed my life. She has guided and supported me through several life changing decisions and life is now much calmer and peaceful. She’s an amazing coach – inspiring, encouraging and motivating. I would highly recommend Eiran.

Sharon McGrath

A priceless investment

One of the best investments you can make, I’m so glad I met Eiran. She weaves both magic and practicality so beautifully into her sessions, I have learnt so much about myself and the world. Thank you Eiran.

Liana Quach

Truly life changing

Eiran has helped me change my life, my old patterns and helped me through tough situations. Eiran is highly skilled and talented – I recommend her! Go on and take that step… You won’t regret it!

Elicia Napoli

Transformed my business

Eiran has great insight and works with you to grow and become a better you – in your personal life and/or business.

Kim Carter

Looking to be inspired, develop your spirituality and create the life you really want?

Coaching with Eiran will provide you with the skills and tools to live your best and most empowered life.

Call Eiran now & take the leap!

At Open for life our approach is holistic.

Our career & life coaching programs & our development courses take into account all aspects of your life. We work togther towards a sense of wholeness in your mind, your body & your soul so that your personal & professional development makes lasting change.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long is it going to take me to get to where I want to be emotionally?

    There is no single timeline for success when it comes to your emotional progress. While this may not be the answer you had hoped for, by accepting that your emotional journey exists on a spectrum that is always evolving, you actually give yourself more ways to be successful.

    There is no single finish line or goal, which means you will find emotional growth and maturity in many unexpected places along the way.

    Let’s chat about finding a timeline that works for you.

  • How do I deal with anxiety?

    Feelings of anxiety do not exist without a physical or mental stimulus. They affect you due to your past experiences and current perceptions.

    Coaching is centred around understanding the relationships in your life. Through ongoing coaching you may identify the beliefs that are causing your anxiety, work through their root causes, and establish new positive relationships that become regular patterns of healthy behaviour.

  • What can I do about stress?

    While stress may cause feelings of isolation, it is in fact an obstacle to overcome that we all share as humans.

    Learning effective stress management techniques may restore confidence and happiness both personally and professionally.

    If you’re dealing with ongoing stress, let’s chat about:

    Lasting relaxation techniques
    Healthy coping mechanisms
    Boundary setting
    Stress reduction skills

  • What can I do about depression?

    For many, the presence of a life coach can be a great complementary help to an existing treatment program.

    If your depression stems from an inability to live the life you see for yourself, then coaching may help bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

    Each sessions allows you to look inwards and focus on ‘the new you’. This new you is discovered while leaving negative thoughts and unhelpful mindsets behind, both of which may help your depression.

  • How can I fix being unhappy with my career?

    Life is infinitely too short to spend time working in a job, or progressing in a career, that brings you no enjoyment.

    While an unfulfilling career may bring about stress, anxiety and frustration, the silver lining comes in one indisputable form – you are the driver of change.

    Whether changing your situation, changing you environment, or changing your mindset, let’s chat about how we can get your professional goals back on track.

  • What is my purpose?

    A life full of purpose, meaning and clarity is the greatest gift you can give to yourself.

    Which means a life without purpose can feel empty, isolating, and limiting.

    If you need guidance on finding your ‘why’, let’s chat about how you can better identify your path, take control of your progress, and find the purpose you’re after.

  • What can I do to stop people pleasing?

    People pleasing happens when you continually put others before yourself. While this may seem like a positive quality, you may end up placing unhealthy amounts of pressure and stress on yourself. This can be exacerbated when people pleasing takes on an addictive or compulsive undercurrent. At its core, this typically stems from a lack of confidence.

    Through understanding that you have a choice, identifying your priorities, and learning to say no with conviction, we can work towards healthier attitudes in your personal and professional life.

  • How can I stop being indecisive?

    You are not inherently indecisive. Usually we are just asking ourselves the wrong question. By not identifying our true choices, or feeling paralyzed to move forward, we focus on smaller choices to avoid making necessary big decisions. Indecisiveness has a variety of causes we can explore, your beliefs are one of them.

    What feels like a pattern of restricting attitudes and assumptions may stem from a variety of limiting beliefs including:

    You are not giving yourself permission
    You are judging yourself
    You are ignoring your intuition
    You are trapped by fear

    The answers you are looking for are inside you. If you need help finding and accepting them, let’s chat.

  • What can I do about my anger?

    Anger may manifest in a variety of ways. Are you feeling upset, irritated, or agitated? Underneath these complex emotions may be unresolved anger.

    When unrecognised and undealt with, anger has the potential to disrupt your routine and upset the balance of your life.

    However, when channeled assertively and constructively, anger can be empowering, helping you to address and resolve challenging emotions, set boundaries effectively & be more calm in your responses.

    If you feel as though your anger is impacting your life and is not constructive, reach out and let’s work through your obstacles together.

  • How can I use my emotions to work with me?

    You are not a slave to your emotions. In contrast, ‘choosing’ your emotions to help benefit you in a personal and professional environment can turn obstacles into stepping stones towards success.

    Your emotions are an amazing guidance systems, that once you Master will give you the tools to really be successful across all of your life.

    As a life and business coach I am passionate about showing people the ways in which they are always free to choose how to react. In doing so your emotions will work with you and not against you.

  • How can I become an effective leader?

    Effective leadership can help your business scale new heights. More than professional skills, learning to be a leader and assert yourself confidently can provide benefits to your personal life also.

    Essential leadership skills include:

    – Learn to delegate
    – Set realistic goals
    – Authenticity & Mindfulness
    – Develop communication skills
    – Make time to form relationships
    – Recognise achievements
    – Find creative solutions through a collaborative system

    Ultimately, leadership is not a born skill, but a learned skill. If you are looking to become a more assertive and confident leader, let’s work together.
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