Is your inner critic holding you back?

You have everything you need to make a change

“We have all of the pieces to fix us, between us, to fix all we are, we got it between us”. Reigan, All of the Pieces.

You have everything you need to make a change

Today I was listening to Reigan Derry’s new song which was released today, a great song with a beautiful clip,  and as I listened I found myself thinking about the holistic approach to counselling and also my approach to counselling with you. I often find people asking me what is different. Well I believe you have all of the pieces to work through what ever needs to change, heal and connect in your relationships. Sometimes it just helps to have someone guide and support you along the way.

I find my own self development often involves other people, two people working towards a solution is always better than one to really bring out the best results, just like the saying “two heads are better than one”. I know it helps me see different perspectives to find who I truly am and ensure my journey through life is not always struggled through with the perception I am alone sometimes.

We don’t have to do anything on our own. I find having counsellors & mentors are like having a mental check up, a de-stresser, someone to help me work through a decision or choice. I think about it like a doctor, you don’t ignore your health, you’re sick, you go to the doctor. How we feel about ourselves, how we think, how we perceive the world because of our past sometimes stresses us out, to have the perspective of another offers assurance and guidance that I am not doing it on my own, that I’m not going crazy. Having someone to confide in with no judgment, no expectation, with a feeling of safety and care makes it all the easier. 

Knowing what other counsellors and mentors have offered me gives me the integrity to bring this to my sessions with you. It opens my heart to share what I have learned and experienced with each of you and when we put both our minds, bodies & spirits together anything is possible, anything can be seen, anything can change. It’s a great place to start no matter what the issue, no matter what is going on, and the best place to start is how it is for you right in that moment.

Have a listen, its amazingly beautiful.

Much Love, 

Eiran xx