Systemic Constellations

Family, Diagnostic & Organisational Constellations

Systemic Constellations are a relatively new intelligence, meaning it came about as a therapy from Bert Hellinger in the last 50 years but the knowledge stems back to Zulu tribes and how the tribe thrives together. Systemic Constellations can be used in therapy & business consulting and it helps work on past, present and future issues.  Systemic Constellations offer a new perspective for people wanting better relationships with themselves, loved ones, better health and success in career, business and in organisations. Constellations can be executed in groups or in individual sessions, over the phone or on Skype. Once you experience constellations you wonder what you did before

Family Constellations

Family Systemic Constellations offers an amazingly respectful approach to you, your family and loved ones. Basically the approach connects your family system together, discovering imbalances in relationships that often show up in our lives in various ways. Often we carry trans-generational issues and entanglements that stop us from moving forward in life. An example of this is; your father was an alcoholic and his father was an alcoholic and his father and so on. This would be something we could look at in family constellations and discover possibilities as to why this occurrence is happening. Creating a new perspective for the participant wanting to change the dynamic. We can look at health issues that run in families, particular patterns of behaviour i.e. your mother divorces your father and remarries 2 more times and now you can not commit to a partner or have trouble finding a partner who is available.

The therapy follows basic principles with regards to the family system, taking into account the balance of giving and taking from parents to children, belonging to the system, exclusions, death & other secrets that do not acknowledge what has happened. Everyone belongs & they belong in a particular order, if. When these principles are out-of-place often it is shows up in our lives in ways that stop us from truly living and being who we are.

Organisational Constellations

Is a tool for organisations, community, groups, businesses & management teams to have an unbiased view  of what is often unseen or out of perspective when looking at business decisions, sales & productivity, team effectiveness or anything business related. There are systems within the systems often affecting each other. These systems are all man-made systems and are often influenced by our primary system being our family.

Organisational Constellations also have basic principles that are followed. These are different to that of a family system, the balance of give and take is equal in organisational constellations, it is like this so we have the ability to leave when desired, we are not tied to an organisation as we are our family although people often feel they are and contribute to a business according to this dynamic. You will belong but you can always leave, but how you leave is extremely important. Are you leaving with respect and dignity for both parties, this is important when moving into a new employment or career and it can affect it if you didn’t. We also can find more effective was to thrive in our employment, removing blocks and views that do not serve us our team or organisation.

Structure is very important, acknowledging those who came first such as founders of a business or the structure of a business, if not done with honour & respect, can really affect success for all parties involved, including our relationship with our clients. How we interact with other businesses is also extremely important and this can highlight other issues that need to be address if we find that this is problematic. There are many possibilities with this work and the discovery of what needs to change, acknowledging what is, honouring and respect what came before and cultivating innovation, creativity and change are all part of the process to a successful business.

Diagnostic and Structural Constellations

These are used when we are wanting to look at the reality of a particular situation, sometimes they can be used for decision-making or supervision with therapists. We us a diagnostic constellation to look at things like money, wealth, profit & loss, basically an overview of how things really are. Often we use these to explore inner archetypes or other structural components of a person or group like heart & soul or culture & productivity. These are useful to decide which direction to take. These types of constellations can also involve rituals, the elements, and animals.

There are many possibilities with Systemic Constellations and I am happy to explore and enquire with you to remove old patterns and offer new perspectives. 

Please call to discuss your appointment and I will provide a quote & allocate the time you will require to complete your constellation.

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