Peacock Ore


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This weeks crystal of focus is the Peacock Ore or the boring name of Bornite - it’s called the Happiness stone. And it’s for a very good reason the healing properties of Bornite carry the message that life is truly joyful.

Use this stone to uplift your energy or the energy in a space in your home or work or at your desk & to bring more joy into your world.

This stone will also balance chakra’s just by placing it upon one chakra during meditation. So if you are feeling out of balance this is a great crystal.

Currently $15aud per piece plus postage. Buy 3 or more & receive a discount.

I personally select each one with the purchaser in mind to ensure you are receiving the correct crystal for you. All crystals approx the same size.

AU$14 In stock
Peacock Ore Peacock Ore Peacock Ore Peacock Ore
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