Inspired Leadership

Inspired Leadership

A willingness to do it differently….


Inspired Leadership has a place in many facets of our lives… be it, work, business, governments, associations, groups and individuals leading their lives in different ways. In my own research over my past 20 years in leadership roles in various industries, in my work and study of groups, in my own leadership development and in my work facilitating systemic constellations I have come across many different ways leadership can be effective. I have found that the most effective and the most inspirational always put people and relationships first over profit & power and most do their best to leave their ego at the door.

A great leader sets an example and allows team members to follow and then lead in their own unique way while working towards an agreed vision. Inspired leadership often involves having hard and heart felt conversations that express ones own vulnerability, showing courage in conversations that encourage trust. They open an honest two-way communication, allowing trust and credibility to build, especially when mistakes are made and responsibility is taken, turning it around for the benefit of all.

An Inspired leader sees people and relationships as the key aspect of the development and function of their business because this is how collaboration happens and in turn how change, innovation & profit occur. What I have established is that collaboration is actually key to profit making, even when one person is working with a mentor. According to a study conducted by UPS, 70 percent of mentored businesses survive more than five years, double the rate for non-mentored small businesses over that same period. The same study also showed that 88 percent of business owners say having a mentor to lean on is “invaluable.

When we make decisions solely on profit making without considering the people collaborating to ensure success then that success will be limited and in some cases fail all together. In my work with systemic constellations, most clients get confused about their vision, the people they are serving and begin to look at their staff only as a cause for the lack of success. They exclude the people in their decisions, visions & products. They get caught up in past dynamics that no longer serve, or they move forward too quickly not honouring those people that came before.

There is often little consideration about staff when profits are not being made, management, as I like to call ineffective leadership (i.e. they manage, not lead) turn downward in the structure and exclude staff that are following their managements ineffective direction. The saying “who can we put on the chopping block” is simply true and it usually goes down the line until the bottom tier is effected to the point of job loss because management were not willing to look at themselves in the bigger picture also. Sometimes the hidden dynamics are out of their control because of previous history or external forces. I will note here, it’s not always because they don’t have the inspired leadership skills its possibly because they are not employing them.

I had a corporate client that was about to let go all of their younger sales staff who weren’t “doing” their job from a revenue perspective and they were on the verge of losing their biggest client. After completing a systemic constellation, it showed that this actually wasn’t required. Firstly, it showed the sales staff were being trained and lead by someone who had never sold product or trained staff. This person was put in the position to caretake and was not really leading anyone effectively. In saying that no one was really leading them either and you will see why below.

The constellation then showed that they were not about to lose their biggest client because of the sales staff. It was because the top tiered management was not effective in their role. The Manager did not feel the top leadership position was truly their position. This was due to dynamics within the business with other senior relationships that spilled into his personal life. Decision had been made that where not respected and changes in management were not clear.

Using a systemic approach the damaging dynamics were established and the causes of the dis-function were highlighted the Manager was able to take his position of true leadership and fully embody them. The embodiment was a work in progress however the awareness itself created results with their biggest client relationship becoming more effective. Inspired leadership is an on going process of self-evaluation, with the inclusion of people, relationships and continuing development.

Great leadership takes courage, a willingness to take ownership and responsibility and a willingness to do it differently from the people before them who only focused mainly on profit & power. Inspired leaders put people first in order to create collaboration on all levels, in all relationships both internally and externally. So I leave this with you… Are you willing to lead with courage & inspire others by setting examples and embodying your leadership qualities in whatever part of your life you require them? We all have them, sometimes we just need someone to see them in us and help us get other distractions out of the way to ensure we are effective. Happy Leading!


Eiran Trethowan – Business Consultant, Mentor & Counsellor.

A systemic approach is a great way to explore your leadership dynamics, responses within the business to your leadership, responses with clients & how you can improve or embody them more. It is also great at seeing what needs development & how function is tracking and what is possible to move forward effectively. If you would like more information on a Systemic Consultation for your leadership, career or business please email me or give me a call. or 0466 495711



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