Inspired Career Coaching

Inspired Career Coaching


Considering a Career Coach for your Professional Development is key to the success in any career & business. All the best have them. The question is who do you choose for you?

Career Coaching with Eiran is about being inspired! She starts with you & where you at. We start with a specific intention to focus on i.e. you becoming an inspired leader. Creating a career that has meaning & purpose. Changing career paths, or working on increasing your emotional & relational intelligence so that you can get the most out of yourself & others. This program is for any level of development as it is specific to your current needs. Eiran’s ability & intuitive approach enables her to meet you at any stage in your career. Eiran has worked with business owners, CEO’s, different levels of management, people establishing careers & purpose. She has worked with people from a variety of professions & industries making her ability support you & open doors even better. Eiran also likes to support networking & open doors that may not have been thought of. 

Topics covered over the 20 hours are dependant on your development needs & that of your business if required. The below ares suggestions of what may be covered during the program as you will gain learning & tools in the below areas to assist you in your career.
  • Inspired Leadership, inspiring teams, reducing bullying within a culture.
  • Collaboration – how to enhance collaboration with the use of boundaries, vulnerability & the reduction of shame to get the most out of yourself & others. Introducing yourself & others to a 2-person relationship system that creates safety for staff & yourself to express and create.
  • Management & development of team members & those around you, Knowing when business is business and doing so with compassion.
  • Relationships (internal and external), seeing the humanness with your relationships & developing an emotional intelligence required inspiring yourself & others. Welcoming feelings & emotions into the workplace in a safe & productive way. Developing empathy.
  • Effective communication to get the best from all parties, embracing conflict to effectively move into a better outcome.
  • Assisting people in finding the passion within themselves and ensure they bring their best self to a role.
  • Learning how to create loyalty & trust within teams to bring about better results.
  • Conflict resolution, How to get the best out of people, overcoming negative blocks, embracing challenges. Changing the views of a perceived failure & making the most out of what is available in the moment.
  • Development comes about through the use of a changed perspective of teams, structure & clients through the use of expanded focus & a human systems approach.
  • Skill Development: Delving into your career history to bring forward skills that you are unaware of, this tool if we need to use it can also then be transfer enabling staff to complete task that they feel unsure how to do. It is a great technique to use also with staff so that they can delve into their own skillset to create solutions.
  • Empowerment of self & staff that enables people the chance to move from awareness, presence, compassion rather than fear & worry to bring about change.

A program is 20hours of session time that will be weekly or fortnightly dependant on the need of the client. This is usually set as 10 x2hr appointments.

INVESTMENT $2,500 -includes GST

Tax Deductible – Professional Development.

Payment Options available on inquiry. 0466495711 or

The first session is a clarifying session where we uncover your needs & that of the business if required so that we can best support your development. This program is for any person in a leadership position or one where they wish to progress & development within their career & the program is tailored accordingly.

Inspired Career Coaching Melbourne Eiran Trethowan

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