INSPIRED Business Mentoring

If its time to change your course and remove unwanted stress & blocks, improve your working relationships, establish what dynamics you are working with or need to change with your business, management & employee’s to succeed. This program is designed to support you in business. Its time for you to really succeed in Business!


Are you looking for a new approach for your current business? Are you wanting to excel & succeed but often you are struggling to make ends meet? Start here today with our Business Mentoring! 

The Inspired Business Mentoring offers you the chance to explore your business with a Holistic approach and with a neutral perspective.

Are you in a particular situation that could use some guidance or direction. What road blocks are in your way from moving forward to have a business and lifestyle that fits with your purpose. Find out what you bring to your business from your personal perspective that is blocking you from succeeding.

This tailored program will be developed in consultation with your business needs and will be approached with the theory from Organisational Constellations, Eiran’s 18 years experience in Sales, Advertising, Finance, Leadership & Management.


  • 1 x 2hr Initial consult – discovery session via Zoom. We use web app and other options to discover needs. Keyboard and mouse required – this session can be conducted in person for Melbourne Clients. (location to be discussed)
  • 1 x tailored development program to fit with your needs.
  • 12 x 2hr fortnightly sessions – online or in-person (Melbourne Only)
  • Support for Your Success & Your Vision.
  • Standard set up discovery i.e. do you want to do it on your own or with a partner.
  • New Perspectives around your business that you may not have considered would be in the way to success.
  • Clarity & Direction with Purpose, Vision & Development for you and your business.
  • Effective Communication Tools to use with staff, clients and other business.
  • Sales negotiation skills.
  • Leadership & Team Development & Guidance when exploring expansion and employees.
  • Insight into Organisational Systems to help you achieve.
  • Work & Life Balance discussions.
  • Career Direction & often Life Purpose discussions

The above are suggestions and guidance, together we will tailor the mentoring to meet your requirements.

Tax Deductible – Professional Development.

Call Eiran 0466 495 711 or EMAIL to discuss further.