Do you have issues with your current culture, structure, management & team effectiveness, sales (profit & loss), production, merger opportunities, staff recruitment, client relationships, product development. Are you looking for a solution that is really going to impact your business & make a difference?

Inspired Business Leaders READ ON?

Are you an inspired business leader looking for better results. Are you ready to delve in a really explore hidden dynamics within your company, business or professional career. In an diagnostic consult together we will set objectives that would like to be achieved and together explore the dynamics that are blocking these objectives from occurring.

The culture you work in, the teams you lead or are part of, the dynamics within a business or the direction your career is taking all have an impact on us in various ways. Often businesses forget that they have human beings working in them, suggesting you are just a number. Cultures are changing quickly, people want leadership not management, people want to be inspired, people want to be shown vulnerability & courage to bring creativity, sales and success.

Workplaces are where we spend most of our time yet we are expected to pretend that we do not feel and we do not have lives outside of the office, thankfully this is changing. Do you want to Inspire, create & lead. Well Eiran will support you to do exactly that. Is the way you are doing things really working for you from a business perspective. Are you ready to change it up?  It starts at the foundation, a willingness to change leads to what inspires you and in turn lead others to do the same and that takes courage. 

Take a look at our Coaching or perhaps you would like a diagnostic consult and work with you to tailor your business needs like; 

Leadership Development, changing the culture and dynamics starts with your leaders. Are you breeding leaders or managers? 

Cultural Development, are you running a fear based culture and you wish to change? Are you thinking its time to change things up and move with the times but need some direction? How is your staff retention?

Team Development, are your internal departments working well together? are they all working towards the same purpose effectively. Do you have family & personal dynamics bought to the workplace in a non-constructive manner? Team Development is extremely important to ensure moral is up and the business is constantly evolving.

Effective Communication, how are people behaving with each other, do you have adults behaving like children, do you have bullying from particular parties or click groups that cause rifts. Are your leaders able to effectively work with staff personal issues so the business can still continue to run efficiently.

Client Relationships, often seen as the most important part of anyones business but let me say this, your clients buy your people & your product not just your product. With 18 years in sales I can assure you this, people buy people and people are more likely to buy happy people and at the end of the day we are selling to everyone both internally and externally. Do you have effective customer service teams, sales teams, production teams cause if you haven’t got the above correct, clients will buy but they will buy more from people they want to buy off.

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