Eiran Trethowan

Eiran Trethowan is a Life & Career Coach who is passionate about you living a life that you can a thrive in. She focuses on all aspects of your life taking a strategic & empowering approach for you to create change, in yourself, your life, your career & your organisation.

Eiran support people with many different issues & to list them all we would be here for a very long time.
Eiran is highly intuitive & open minded, her uncanny ability to see the underlying issues that are truly stopping you from creating & living the life you want or an organisation in cohesively being successful is absolutely magnificent as she guides you through the issue to a solution or options that are on your path to what you want to achieve. Most people come to her when they are feeling  unsure, anxious & stressed or are meeting an issue in life or work that just doesn’t seem to shift in a way they are wanting.
Eiran has over 20 years experience in corporate leadership & relationship dynamics as she was a State Sales Manager & Sales Leader for various advertising organisations so she has worked with many different industries. She is trained as a family, systemic & organisational facilitator. She is a reiki practitioner, trauma (somatic) trained healer, she is a holistic counsellor & focuses on all aspects of life to ensure you thrive fully.
Eiran is passionate about Empowerment, Emotional intelligence, Development, Leadership & Culture change with in organisations & businesses. She has integrity, courage & a willingness to see it differently . Her desire is to empower, relieve suffering & to ensure people life a meaningful, thriving life. 
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Eiran Trethowan 
Member: IICT

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