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Transformational Coaching Program

“Be More You”

Transformational Coaching Program

TRANSFORMATIONAL COACHING PROGRAM is a 12-MONTH Personal & Professional Coaching Program & is designed to offer you the chance to empower yourself with the tools to Thrive in life. Eiran works fortinightly she supports you to find ‘MORE OF YOU” to shine in the world. This exclusive program is the ‘must have’ support  to really connect to yourself & make the most of your life.T

he Transformational Coaching Program with Eiran Trethowan

Why would you want to be COACHED by EIRAN?

Eiran has been on a transformational journey for over a decade, however the last four years have truly proven transformational. She has changed careers, mastered her gifts of empathy, intuition, telepathy & coaching.

Eiran is a trained Holistic Counsellor, Systemic Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Empath, & Intuitive, she has over 20 years in the corporate world & has had an interesting life to say the least. She has been through childhood abuse, abusive relationships, marriage, divorce, more bad relationships, she had found the wrong friend circles a few times, has been bullied on many occasions & became the bully at work which was when she decided enough is enough.

Eiran has had multiple chronic illnesses, (Graves Disease & Chronic Fatigue) which she no longer has at all. Both illnesses are normally debilitating for life. Eiran overcame them both. She has suffered anxiety, depression & has been to the big black whole a lot of people don’t really want to talk about & at times considered taking her own life. She has been a needy chick, she has been the over giver, she has always been open hearted to the tough cases in life which has lead to her being taken from & owed and even after all that she has come out the other side thriving.

Eiran started by bettering the relationships & connections with her family & friends. She began to see with a whole new set of eyes recognizing realities & truths & living in the moment. Eiran worked towards finding a way to be joyful even in the darkest moments of life. She did it, she found a way to thrive during hard times, learned to go with the flow of the universe while being willing to accept & receive fully to ensure a fulfilled life, full of passion, abundance, love & purpose & now she wants to share that with you.

Eiran is now a successful Business Woman, who started her business ‘Open for Life’ on her own & built it from the ground up, she will be hitting the 6 figure mark in just 4 years. She learnt to use her gifts to help & train others. She is kind hearted & you will leave most sessions with a change in perspective, feeling a profound connection to yourself & the world.

The “Be More You’ Transformational Coaching Program is structured to ensure we cover off all the topics & tools to ensure you Thrive. In each session we cover the learning topics in detail and you will experience the tools first hand. How is this different to other coaching with Eiran – Other programs & sessions are built to go with the flow & around your issues in your life currently. The “BE MORE YOU’ program is structured to give you the topics first & then we will work with issues in your life that correlate as you learn. This is to ensure you get all of the tools to support you once the program is over & you can remove many blocks along the way & ensure your life changes dramatically.


  • 30 x 2 hours individual coaching sessions around learning topics. (for learning topics apply for more information)
  • 2 x 2 day Empowerment Workshops 
  • 1 x 1 day New Year ‘New You’ Workshop
  • 4 x 1hr Reiki Sessions
  • 1 x ‘Be more you’ Journal


To have support, gain clarity, be in alignment with yourself, your gifts you bring to the world & the universe. To find balance in the up & down aspects of life. To embrace your heart’s Desires, to embrace all of you & JOY, happiness, gratitude & hope to be part of your every day life & if you want to Thrive & not just survive in all aspects of life this is the program for you! “BE MORE YOU”

Eiran has put together the best of the best just for you… 


100 Days of Career Coaching



Are you looking for a new approach to your job, your purpose, your team or business. Start here today with Career COACHING so you can lead in your career & life! 

100 days of Career Coaching offer you the chance to explore your work life in a safe environment with a neutral perspective and have support over a period of your career and through difficult workplace situations. Are you in a particular situation that could use some guidance or direction? Unsure of road blocks are in your way from moving forward in your career? Change your course and remove unwanted stress, improve your working relationships, establish what dynamics you are working in, it’s time for a change. How about we step you up the ladder to success & happiness! Career Coaching will support you.


100 days of Career Coaching

  • 30 min Free Initial consult – discovery session online or phone.
  • 1 x tailored development program to meet your needs
  • 3  x 3hr sessions
  • mini Interval sessions & phone calls as required over 100  days
  • 100 days goal framework to enhance your career or business.


  • New Perspectives around you, your career, position, employment, team, business or success.
  • Clarity & Direction with issues in the Workplace
  • Effective Communication Tools
  • Clarity around the Bigger Picture
  • Leadership & Team Development Guidance
  • Insight into Organisational Systems to help you achieve
  • Work & Life Balance discussions
  • Career Direction & often Life Purpose discussions
  • Workplace negotiation skills
  • Valuing you and your role
  • Creating more happiness & joy in your Work life.
  • Encouragement to succeed and grow in your development
  • Creating an abundant & prosperous career.
Speak to Eiran on 0466 495 711 or email you name & phone number to to chat what is the best option for you.


Tax Deductible – Professional Development.

If your employer is paying for this service as part of your employee development, please email me and I will send you an invoice to pass onto them.


Call today for a taster session 0466495711





Do you find it hard to put yourself first? Are wanting to commit to getting to know yourself & changing your life for the better? if so, then this programme is for you.

I made a decision for myself a long time ago, that I would truly commit to ‘me’ always. No matter what is going on for me, I always see my mentors, practitioners and counsellors even when I am feeling great and when life is in flow. In that commitment I decided to always better myself and my life, making changes, facing realities and really understanding who I am and what I have to offer the world. I find it great to have someone to talk to and explore the ups and the downs, especially with someone that has no motivation except to support me through it. I celebrate when I do well and I acknowledge if I step backwards and I establish a new ground to start move forward. I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for this approach to myself. This inspired the below programme for you.


If you are someone who is always searching but can’t quite make the changes you know you want? You may feel like you lost who you are? Are often wondering “there must be more”? Know that the mundane isn’t going to last forever, you just need a little guidance? Do you look at aspects of your life, partner, relationships, children, career and want better for you and them? Do you want better relationships with family and friends? Do you want to feel more connected to you? Do you want clarity and direction?

If you think it’s time to truly commit to you and make changes in your life, see life with new perspective and would like some much needed support to get you through it all, this programme is designed for you. You will receive on going tools to help commit to yourself and your life changes.

I know most people look for a counsellor during a crisis situation and it usually is that you’ve hit the bottom of your barrel but I say why wait, put yourself first for a change. Although I am sure you often find that hard…. its time! It’s all about you!!!

Making changes in your life often requires a support that includes direction, clarity and inspiration and this programme is exactly that.

Open for Life Support Program

Free 30 minute online or phone consultation to discuss your wants so we can tailor your programme to fit your needs. We will discuss the best options for you and get to know each other to ensure you are comfortable to purchase the programme and move forward with your life.

The program entails 13 one on one sessions, either at one of my locations or online in the comfort of your own home. 

We tailor the program to flow through what is required for you and your needs, we will address family, health, your past, your beliefs, your future, career, money, love, your openness to life, your fears, your dreams, what blocks you. The possibilities are endless.

Recommended program will run for 6 Months.

13 x consecutive fortnight session – 2hr one on one sessions – we extend the time frame between visits and manage the time between visits for you to get the support you require.


Speak to Eiran on 0466 495 711 or email you name & phone number to for more info.

Inspired Career Coaching
Career Coaching with Eiran starts with you & where you at. We start with a specific intention to focus on i.e. you changing career, you becoming an inspired leader, you becoming better at your job. CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

Program may be tax deductible as professional development.