Career Counselling

Career Counselling

Career Counselling – “Talents are common, everyone has them – but rare is the courage to follow our talents where they lead.”   Anon.

Career Counselling offers you the chance to explore your work life in a safe environment with a neutral perspective. Are you in a particular situation that could use some guidance or direction. What road blocks are in your way from moving forward in your career. Find out what you bring to a group environment from your personal perspective that is blocking you from succeeding. Change your course and remove unwanted stress, improve your working relationships, establish what dynamics you are working in? Is it time for a change?

There are many questions one can ask about their career, employer, job status, work life balance & workplace environment when it comes to career counselling;

Are you having problems in the workplace? Are you working with a bully? Do you know you have options? Are you not progressing because their is someone in your way?

Are you wanting to change your career path?

Are you being paid what your are worth? Are you able to negotiate? Are you working in an environment that offers you a fair exchange for your contribution?

Are you wanting to look at new job opportunities and want some guidance and direction to ensure you pick a career or business that is right for you?

Ever wondered is the company you work for a place you can succeed and excel in your current role? With the holistic approach we can explore your company and role to ensure your every success.

Dealing with difficult staff? Difficult clients? difficult Management? Learn new skills for dealing with all types of people.  Communication is key.

Our careers bring up many opportunities and problems that this type of counselling can help with and support you. We will explore together and look for solutions to make your life easier and establishing a foundation for your success.


We spend half of our lives working and career counselling is not only for someone who wants to change a career, it is also about getting the most satisfaction for oneself, ensuring we are maintaining a healthy working life, ensuring the reduction of stresses that are often bought on due to hidden dynamics that we didn’t know even exists.

2 hr sessions are available by appointment in person or online.

RATE: $225 per session. Tax Deductible – professional development.

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